Need technical management support without a permanent technical manager?

Technical management responsibilities can stretch growing companies to breaking point; inevitably a manager is required as food safety processes increase and grow, but there’s always an in-between phase where a full time staff member is stretching the budget too far.

Our Interim Technical Management helps to ensure you don’t have to overstretch current staff or fall short on your standards or legal requirements.

Our experienced technical management team provide a complete service as and when it is required; keeping you on top of current demands, responsive to future ones and free to grow without over-commitment.

The service includes;

  • On-going development and management of your technical systems
  • Assistance in developing quality and technical functions at board level
  • Coaching and training of newly appointed staff and managers
  • Quality system wide preparation for audits including BRC and Salsa

Interim Technical Management’s real benefit comes in its cost effectiveness, particularly in consideration of the level of expertise received; we can ensure absolute compliance with quality, legal and safety requirements no matter what your industry position or focus.