Accreditation changes in 20 Years

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Accreditation 20 years ago, food standard certifications were only beginning to be introduced, together with BRCGS Food Standard V1 only being around a couple of years.

Although food businesses across the supply chain were following food safety procedures and HACCP princicpiles, evidentally, there clearly was a lack of knowledge and understanding on how accreditation could ensure consumer confidence and safe food.  

HACCP still remains the principal management method for reducing the risk of food borne illness.

Subsequently, Food Safety has cast a wider net to incorporate intentional food adulteration, food fraud and sustainability to name a few,

Therefore, amongst others, we now have BRCGS Food Standard Version 8. Along with, SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) introduced in 2007 and now on version 5.

As a result, continuous improvement and development of these accreditation’s sees food safety become a culture rather than a system.

To summarize, A food safety culture is being a way for working, understanding and valuing food safety procedures.

Consequently, Food supply is more global and complex now. Therefore, the risks are greater. And above all, Consumers demand to know the food know that the food they buy is safe to eat!