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Brands and Food Safety

Food safety is a challenge at the best of times. With lockdown many food businesses are rapidly changing their business models in order to try to survive. It is tough but there are some positives.

Having well maintained food safety systems is an essential part of protecting a food business brand. At Food Safety Assist, we are seeing wholesalers change their business model to home delivery. In order to do these changes, their food safety procedures are changing to reflect new challenges.

These changes to procedures are relatively straightforward, such as, changes to HACCP or ensuring drivers have enough PPE.

Our message is to keep your brand ‘shining’ throughout this difficult time, ensure your food safety systems reflect any change. When things are more normal whenever that is, your brand is going to be vital to ensure your business resilience.

Our food safety consultants are helping food businesses right now using technology we are now all using.

Brand and Food Safety

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