What is BRCGS Agents and Brokers?

BRCGS Agents and Brokers

BRCGS Agents and Brokers

BRCGS Agents and Brokers is for non-manufacturing traders who buy, sell or facilitate trade of products, it provides a link in the movement and trade of products ensuring an effective chain of traceability.

  • Brokers: Purchase, take title and sell to manufacturers, brokers, retailers and food services but NOT directly to consumers
  • Agents: Trade between manufacturers /brokers to customers but do not own or take title
  • Importers/Exporters: Import or export products across national boundaries.

The Standard covers the following categories

  • Food Products – Fruit and Vegetables, Processed Foods, Raw Materials and Domestic Pet Foods
  • Packaging Materials
  • Consumer Products

Exclusions to the standard are

  • Livestock – including animal feed for livestock
  • Bulk Fuels
  • Pharmaceuticals

Divided into the following 5 sections, the standard is designed for the companies Product Safety Management Systems and  Procedures to be audited against.

  1. Senior Management Commitment and Continual Improvement
  2. Hazard and Risk Assessment
  3. Product Safety and Quality Management System
  4. Supplier and Subcontracted Service Management
  5. Personnel 

By conducting a Gap Analysis of your current systems against the standard, our team of experienced and qualified consultants can identify potential gaps and create a project plan to achieve and maintain accreditation. This can by done by either on site or as part of our remote support service

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