BRCGS Storage and Distribution

BRCGS Storage and Distribution

BRCGS Storage and Distribution

BRCGS Storage and Distribution provides an essential certification link between manufacturing and the end use. It is designed to reflect best practice and facilitate a process of continuous improvement through a well-designed risk-based product safety management system. This standard allows the chain of product certification to be completed from processor to manufacturer and from manufacturer to retailer

The BRCGS Storage and Distribution Standard is divided into the following 8 sections:


  1. Senior Management Commitment
  2. Hazard and Risk Analysis
  3. Quality Management System
  4. Site and building Standards
  5. Vehicle Operating Standards
  6. Facility Management
  7. Good Operating Practices
  8. Personnel


With extended sections for additional modules including


Wholesale – This module has a further 2 additional following sections

  1. Purchasing – Branded Products
  2. Purchasing and Management of Wholesaler own-label products and wholesaler exclusive Brands

Contracted Services- this module has the following 7 additional sections

  1. Contractual Arrangements
  2. Product Inspection
  3. Contract Packing
  4. Quantity Control Inspection
  5. Contract Chilling/freezing/Tempering/ Defrost and High-Pressure Process Operations
  6. Waste Recovery and Recycling

By conducting a Gap Analysis of your current systems against the standard, our team of experienced and qualified consultants can identify potential gaps and create a project plan to achieve and maintain accreditation. This can by done by either on site or as part of our remote support service.

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