Brexit- Leaving the EU – Is your food business ready?

Preparing your Food Business for the UK leaving the EU

The highest priority is to ensure that UK food remains safe, including, the highest of food safety standards and consumer protection.

What does Brexit mean for Food Safety?

In this case, for many food businesses, leaving the EU the current requirements of food law will continue to apply with no or limited changes. With that, we have found the following resources to enable you to keep up to date with the latest changes. Together with, an alert service to be notified of any key changes.

Food Standards Agency

Offering guidance and support in the following:

  • Health Marks on Meat, Fish and Dairy Products.
  • Exports of Products of Animal Origin.
  • Businesses that seek or hold authorisation for GM food or feed or animal feed additives, or export animal feed to the EU.
  • Submitting a regulated product authorisation application after Brexit.

Defra and Government

Offering guidance and support in the following:

  • Food labelling changes after Brexit.
  • Food Standards: labelling, durability and composition.
  • Trading and labelling organic food.
  • Producing food products protected by a geographical indication.
  • Commercial Fishing.
  • Regulating Pesticides.
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