How can a food safety consultant help support your food business?

Advice and support is often sort either at the set-up stage, dealing with EHO registration, significant product developments or when attaining a food safety standard such as Salsa or BRC.



advice, support, guidance



The benefit of using outside support is:

  • Provide a clear direction on the detail of the systems that are needed for the type of product(s) the site produces. The Food Safety Consultant is there to make sure things get done.
  • Assist in the development of a food safety system that is clear, concise and easy to use. Our consultants will help a Food Business develop a food safety system that works for them.
  • The procedures and paperwork that are fundamental building blocks is the system must be clear, easy to read and importantly easy to use. It is about a food business owning their own food safety systems.

Food Safety Assist worked with a company called Ice Cream Union on their first Salsa audit.  On first meeting their food safety team, Brian understood clearly where their food safety was at and what needed to be done to pass SALSA and attract the new customers they wanted. A system was developed by the food safety team with Brian acting as project manger which built on current paperwork and procedures. The aim was for the team to own their system and understand why things had to be done. Brian also coached their new food safety manager. Ice Cream Union passed their SALSA audit which allowed them to supply their premium product to hotels, British Airways, Eat etc.





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