Success at BRCGS Unannounced Audit

Poveys OatcakesPovey’s Oatcakes run by Alex Povey is based in Staffordshire. A major retailer demanded BRCGS Accreditation as an entry to business. Alex being an entrepreneur, took this as an opportunity to expand his business.  Our work with Alex and his team began by carrying out a Gap Analysis and guidance on what they needed to do in order to achieve the standard. From then, our involvement was to mentor and manage the initial systems. We started on 1st July 2017 and Povey’s achieved and passed in November 2017!

Alex really embraced a food safety culture which enabled them to pass the audit so quickly. Brian Humphreys, our Head Consultant, then went on to mentor the full team resulting in a pass in their 2nd but unannounced audit 10 months later. After continued support and guidance Poveys Oatcakes have achieved their 3rd AA rating in an unannounced BRCGS Food version 8 audit.

Implementation of Food Safety Culture aids Continuous Success

After a change in management, the owner, Andrew, was keen to improve the business culture from a controlling to a more open and self-responsible culture. There was a strong motivation from the management team to increase awareness of food safety in all departments and levels of the company.

Our team supported the new general manager to develop his knowledge of the requirements of the BRCGS Storage and Distribution standard. We also assisted in a complete rewrite of their food safety manuals to make them more user friendly. This included working with the management team and staff to achieve the following: –

  • Clearer lines of responsibilities and awareness,
  • More delegation of tasks so food safety responsibilities were more evenly spread.
  • Clearer detailed procedures
  • Better, more consistent, frequent and relevant training

Classic Fresh Food gained an AA recommendation at their recent audit. Our work will continue through into next year to assist with continuous food safety culture improvement and build on the company’s great progress.

HACCP Development and Implementation leads to consecutive Certification

Robins Pie and Mash are manufacturers of Frozen and Chilled Pie Mash and Liquor Ready Meals based in North East London. Nicole contacted us in May ’19 for assistance with their HACCP system after a change in their HACCP team. Aditi, our Associate Consultant, conducted an initial Gap Analysis report in June and assisted with the development, implementation and, most importantly, the knowledge and understanding of the new and changed procedures.  In August’19 Robins Pie and Mash gained SALSA certification for another consecutive year.


Award winning Brewery achieves SALSA

Long Man Brewery

Based in East Sussex, award winning Longman Brewery achieved SALSA for the first time in November 2017 and repeated their success in 2018. Our support was given with a ‘good mix’ of telephone and face-to-face guidance, talking through changes in the beer standard from version 2 to 3. Initial set up and repeated visits through the year from us help to keep things on track. This has led to another consecutive year of success in October 2019.

Maintaining high standards with our guidance and support

Afropol are suppliers of high-quality ingredients to the wholesale, foodservice and restaurant sectors. They supply many leading London restaurants with dried food products, such as, saffron, nuts, dried fruit, seeds and quinoa.

We started working with Afropol in 2014, assisting in the ongoing improvement and management of their food safety management systems. Regular site visits are carried out by our Consultants to conduct internal audits, staff training and food safety culture guidance. Afropol can now maintain their high food safety standards and prove to customers they follow the highest standards by passing the annual SALSA food standard.

Continuous BRCGS Certification leads to business growth

Eskimo Ice is the largest manufacturer of the highest quality crystal clear ice cubes, crushed ice, dry ice and block ice in central London. Our work with Eskimo began in 2012, guiding them in setting up their food safety system to the BRC Food Standard. We mentored the management team in maintaining and understanding their systems, enabling them to create a strong food safety culture.

Eskimo Ice achieved BRCGS grade AA within 6 months of the project starting. The business has now doubled in size since attaining BRCGS accreditation in 2013. With our continuing guidance and support, Eskimo keep their food safety systems and culture on track allowing them to maintain and attract customers.

Continued Mentoring and Support gives positive Food Safety Culture

Langham Brewery is an award-winning independent West Sussex brewery producing cask-conditioned real ale. Our work with Langham began in 2013, assisting and guiding with the development of their SALSA system to become one of the first breweries in the UK to gain SALSA accreditation.

Langham also assisted in the development of the pilot scheme for the SALSA Beer module, which Brian Humphreys, our lead food safety consultant was a chairperson of the board of developers. Internal business processes improved, as well as, the implementing of food safety procedures. With continued mentoring and support Langham Brewery have consecutively held their annual SALSA Certification.



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