The Christmas rush isn’t far away

Make sure Christmas sales run smoothly and stress-free this year….


Most food manufacturers in September are starting to gearing up to the manic Christmas rush. Getting products out correctly and on-time to customers.


My recent blogs have looked at the increasing product recalls that are occurring and the large fines imposed on food companies for health & safety breeches. Most of these incidents occurred at less busy times of the year.

This is a reminder to all of you that by getting your food safety process in place now and maintained, the Christmas business period can be relatively straight forward. I have put together some prompts for you to consider that may need your further attention and action….

1) Get your HACCP tea, together asap to carry out a full review so that as volumes increase your current procedures, process and controls can cope effectively with the added strain.

2) Do any of your staff need cross-training in other roles that they may need to cover due to sickness leave. Allowing the smooth running of the business to carry on and not be affected.

3) Make sure now that any key equipment is serviced and in good working order, to avoid disruption to the product flow.


I hope these few points will help in your forward planning. My experience as a food safety consultant has shown that most issues can be prevented with some team preparation and contingency planning.


The Christmas rush isn’t far away!