Keep your food safe and legal with the help of strict cleaning procedures…

Keep your food safe and legal with the help of strict cleaning procedures…

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Cleaning procedures in food safety is about ensuring and monitoring. 

Food safety legislation requires all food businesses to keep equipment and premises clean. Standards and frequency of cleaning depend on your food business type, its operation and what is being produced.

A good food safety/HACCP system needs to cover all aspects of your hygiene and cleaning depending on the levels of risk your production has. They should be integral to a weekly team meeting ensuring things get done and flagging up any issues at an early stage; boring yet vital!

There are six basic cleaning stages- starting with a pre-clean and ending with drying and storing to prevent contamination.

Using the correct equipment sounds obvious. Quality varies and the reflected in the price. Manual cleaning aids should be coloured coded. One colour for areas of high risk of contamination and different colours for other areas reducing risk of cross contamination. Mechanical aids, such as, floor scrubbers should be serviced regularly and carefully select the correct machine for the job. All sounds common sense, but mistakes are easily made.


Working with a Food Safety Consultant…   Ensuring and monitoring

On a daily basis, working with our clients, we help with all manner of cleaning and hygiene issues relating to staff, equipment, premises and advice on outside contractors.


 Specifically, we assist our clients in:

  • Providing customised templates for their cleaning and hygiene schedules on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Review cleaning procedures and advise on equipment and suppliers
  • Conduct hygiene audits or train staff to do them
  • Advise on swabbing schedules
  • Carry out swabbing
  • Submit client data for external analysis
  • Interpret analysis and advise on actions
  • Advise on allergen cleaning methods and verification.

Look at our cleaning schedule template…  Download Cleaning Schedule …  is yours suitable?