Compliance in Food Safety

Are you struggling with compliance in food safety? In the new normal marketplace, compliance is a challenge because advice changes. Food businesses can struggle to keep up with changes and ensure all their safety systems are working well.

As a business, you must legally prove that your products are safe and legal.

Get a HACCP plan…

Getting a HACCP plan in place that works in your business is the key to compliance. This is legally requirement. However, if you wish to sell online, in retail outlets etc this is not enough.

Prove you follow the highest standards...

Having a food safety accreditation in place, such as, Salsafood or BRC certification is a must to gain new business. Some retailers may trade with you if you can show you are actively working towards an accreditation. So if you wish to improve your business, food safety compliance in a food standard is going to help.

Help is at hand…

So where do you start? It is challenging because running a food business demands lots of routine. Routine needs policies and procedures for staff to follow. Business managers must ensure and monitor routines.

Having a fresh pair of eyes looking at how you work can make food safety compliance and indeed any safety compliance easier to manage.

Compliance is key…

Our recently launched Compliance Assist service covers all the challenges you may face in safety compliance, such as HACCP, Salsafood or BRC certification and Health & Safety. It brings together all solutions in one place.

An expert consultant will guide you through all the processes of putting together policies and procedures and help develop any paperwork you require.

Compliance in food safety can then lead to attracting new business and also maintaining existing clients. It can also improve internal business processes.