Customer Audit… Are you ready?

To pass a customer audit is an ordeal for many food businesses, especially smaller manufacturers. They are pushing hard to maintain and attract customers for business growth. Food safety compliance is so important for a business contract, therefore, the pressure is on.

One of our clients, The Old Curiosity Distillery, based in Edinburgh has just gone through a customer audit from a major retailer. This Gin distillery sells to John Lewis and Amazon among others. Flowers and herbs grow in the distillery gardens. The fresh herbs and flowers make flavourings for the gin. Consequently, the brand has the name the Secret Garden Gin.

The business is currently working towards SALSA accreditation with our guidance and support, therefore, this customer audit is crucial to prove their commitment to food safety system development and compliance.

Our key contribution involves instilling knowledge of controls needed to set systems up at both the distillery and bottling site. We also aided the co-ordination of all audit preparation.

This customer audit is about business growth not maintenance. From the audit, the retailer is now confident that all staff understand food safety controls. All controls are in use when gin is being produced.

Our food safety consultants are continuing to help Secret Garden Gin prepare for SALSA accreditation.

Business is growing.

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