Food Business and Covid-19 – Hows it going?

Food Business and Covid-19 Staying on Track

Many food businesses are reviewing how they are coping with the effects of the Corona virus. Some are rapidly learning what to do as they begin trading again.

Where ever you are at right now with Corona, how is it all going? Are your food safety procedures robust and coping with any changes?

Are you Covid-19 Compliant?

Food safety is about routine, routine and more routine. That is the challenge to keep systems on track, working for your business.

With Corona and its impact, many of you are having to closely monitor HACCP and the new controls you have put in place.

HACCP is a legal requirement

therefore, the impact of Corona on your business will be around for a long time still.

To help you check and review how all these changes are impacting your business we have put together a guide. Use this to help business resilience in these times.

Our guide covers all aspects of mitigating the impact of Corona, along with, some good information hubs to track.

Food Business nad Covid-19 Safe FoodOur Guide to Food Safety Procedures and the impact of Covid-19

Food Business and Coivd-19 Remote Support Remote Food Safety Support Service

Food Business ad Covid-19 Important

Remember, food safety culture is an on-going process so things will change with Corona virus.

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