Food Safety Accreditation helps in many ways…

Two of our clients have recently passed their Salsa food Certification.

Find out how Food Safety Accreditation is helping one food business improve.

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Successful news for two of our clients.

Congratulations to Perrins Fine Foods and Robin’s Pie & Mash on passing their Salsa food audits.

Gaining food safety accreditation

It’s always good to get positive feedback on the work we have done with both clients. Our contact at Perrins wrote an email to myself and Hannah, our Associate Consultant –

“Thanks for working with us very patiently over the years towards the SALSA standard, we received our certificate yesterday. We were always serious about it, but it was just so hard finding the time to bring it together when we are already pushed to capacity in every single way. Obviously, we intend to use the standard to push the business forward into new markets, but most importantly it has improved the operations and made everyone a better employee. Look forward to working with you again in the future.”

This says so much about preparing and attaining a food standard. Futhermore, it applies to all food businesses.

 Food businesses can prove they follow the highest food standards to their customers and consumers. however, there is much more to be gained. Certification can be used positively across the business internally for process improvement. in addition to externally attract new customers.

This reminds us all how important food safety is in many ways to any food related business.

Find out more how we can help you prepare and pass a food safety standard and benefit from it.

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