Food Safety Audit Success…

food safety audit success

Food safety audit success is a challenge to many food businesses but so important for many reasons e.g. retaining business.

Over the last few months, several of our clients have passed either a SALSA food or BRC accreditation. In October, one of our clients passed an announced BRC food audit achieving a grade A. In total, since October eight clients have gone through an annual audit and passed with flying colours.

How can you ensure your food safety procedures are successful? A food safety system must work for a business so it’s vital that all staff understand how and why they do things.

A fresh pair of expert eyes reviewing your food safety procedures can make all the difference. A food safety consultant can see where the systems are and what they need to do in order to pass a food safety standard. We call this a Gap Analysis and this forms the basis of a project plan. This will be your focus. Our food safety consultant guides our clients, keeps that focus and ensures your business objective is met.

Purchasing an off the shelf food safety manual is not a good idea because that is where it will stay! We have worked with clients who have bought these manuals and they experience so many issues because they do not understand what they should be doing.

Food safety certification is a continuous process and it takes commitment by all who are involved. Managers must led by example and all staff need to know why they have to do something. Our role is to keep your food safety in focus and help your business grow and develop.

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