Avoid a Food Safety Christmas crisis

Continuous Food Safety Culture… Food Safety cannot stop for Christmas!

food safety christmas commitment
Commitment to food safety routine by all staff in any food business is key

Therefore our Food Safety Consultants work with food businesses throughout the year guiding and advising on how food safety systems protect consumers also importantly how food safety processes protect their business and reputation if something goes wrong.

At this time of year when most food businesses are in the throws of Christmas production rush, they face many challenges. One of the biggest challenges and it is a challenge is to maintain their food safety systems. Time must be found to ensure food safety routines are carried out when they need to be, supervised, monitored and changed if necessary.

The most common food safety issues experienced during the Christmas production rush are food poisoning, product recalls and allergen alerts.

Tips for the Christmas Rush…

  1. Let Routine be your mantra because sticking to a routine makes you find time to keep doing your food safety routine, again and again.
  2. Communicate to all staff any high-risk processes because by knowing how and why they must do something and the consequences if they don’t will have a greater impact on your staff. Include temporary or agency staff.
  3. Have a plan in place on how you will effectively deal with any food safety issue that comes up e.g. a product recall then you can take action more quickly so that a potential social media crisis can be avoided.

The most effective way of protecting a food business reputation and brand in the rush of Christmas is to implement and maintain a food safety culture which works for you continuously throughout the year.

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