Food Safety Consultants at Work

Food safety procedures and systems are not common sense…

Our food safety consultants are all highly qualified and experienced food professionals who can work with many varied types of food business. Their aim is to guide a company to follow high levels of compliance in all food safety areas.

 food safety consultant Approved Stamp

Brian Humphreys, our lead food safety consultant, is working with a dairy company based in Lancashire in their final preparations for their annual BRC audit this week. He is giving all their systems and paperwork a final review making sure they are audit ready and will be present on site for the actual audit day. Some clients request this simply because our consultant can answer any queries required by the auditor on the spot.

Aditi, one of our Associate Consultants, is visiting a pie company to finish off the work she has been doing with them on their HACCP. Legally, a food business must have a HACCP in place and a lot of businesses struggle with this especially the raw material risk assessment part of HACCP.

Back at base, Erin is checking and completing a HACCP plan for a sauce company, looking at their process flows and preparing for their raw material risk assessment. Our Food Safety Consultants visit clients on site but at the office Erin is the person who follows through with any work needed from a client visit.

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Having Accreditation such as BRC or SALSA can greatly benefit your Food Business