Food Safety & Corona Virus: Are Your Staff Compliant?

There is a lot of information regarding food safety and corona virus and how to ensure staff are aware and compliant. Below is a small checklist of things for all food business to implement.

Food Safety & Corona Virus

Remember, that this is part of your HACCP plan and it is legally binding.

Before staff return to work, have them complete a return to work form. This form will need updating to include Food Safety and Corona Virus.

This could include- Have any family members shown symptoms in the last 14 days? Has the staff member had any symptoms in the last 14 days? This needs signing off before the staff member recommences work.

Ensure all food handlers receive any training on updates you make in line with COVID 19 changes relevant to their department, i.e. A re-fresher course in personal hygiene and PPE, delivery intake, cleaning etc. Stress the importance of more frequent handwashing and clean surfaces more regularly.

Ensure that staff are aware that if they have any symptoms of the Corona virus (keep track of symptoms as they change e.g. loss of smell) and report this immediately.

Food safety is about routine, so who is monitoring staff hygiene procedures? What are the consequences if hygiene rules are not being carried out?

Staff also need to be compliant if you are doing home delivery so check out our advice on Home Deliveries

If you have any issues, our food safety consultants are here to help.