Food Safety Culture with Food Safety Assist

Promoting a Food Safety Culture is not a new thing. However, since the publication of BRCGS Global Food Version 8 Standard. It has become more widely recognised and unavoidable.

I note that following a food safety culture is also within the new version 6 of the BRCGS Global Packaging Material Standard.

At Food safety Assist, we have recently completed a years’ project with a Food Wholesaler in London. For the most part, being audited against the BRCGS Storage and Distribution for several years. However, after a change of management, the owner was keen to improve the culture from a controlling to a more open and self- responsible culture. Resulting in a strong motivation from management to increase awareness of food safety in all departments, also all levels of the company.

Our team worked with the management team and staff. consulting with them in several areas and achieved the following outcomes:

  • Clearer lines of responsibilities and awareness
  • More delegation of tasks so food safety responsibilities are more evenly spread.
  • Clearer detailed procedures
  • Better, more consistent, frequent and relevant training

The company gained an AA recommendation at the recent annual audit. Our work will continue through into next year to continually improve and build on the company’s great progress in establishing an effective Food Safety Culture

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