Continuous Food Safety Culture…

Avoid Food Safety Mistakes

continuous food safety culture product recalls

At this time of year, for many food businesses, it can be the season of product recalls and allergen alerts. Maintaining a food safety culture is difficult.

The Food Standards Agency website in the last few weeks seems to have a higher number of product recalls and allergen alerts. I have no scientific proof of this but I keep track of all the alerts they send out.

Keeping on top of food safety systems is the challenge at this time of year. To meet this challenge, a food business has to show commitment. Staff have to know how and why things must be done.

Mistakes can be costly and brands damaged very easily on social media. Food safety systems help a business maintain and attract customers as they can prove they follow the highest food safety standards. Food certification from bodies like SalsaFood and the British Retail Consortium (BRCGS) are the two accreditations most food businesses will implement and maintain.

Implementing and maintaining a positive continuous food safety culture is the key to coping with production peaks. This will help a food business minimise the risk of expensive mistakes.

The job of a food safety consultant is to guide a food business through the accreditation process. They will keep you on track to meet your business goal more quickly.

Continuous food safety culture product recalls

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