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Remote Office Support

Sometimes a site visit from one of our food safety experts is not necessary. It just isn’t because you have almost prepared for your annual BRC Accreditation, for example, but you want an expert to go through your paperwork and review if it conforms to the latest version of the BRC or SALSA standard or you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your HACCP plan or over the phone you want to chat about a product recall you are currently dealing with and how best to handle it.

These are just a few examples of how our consultants have guided various types of food businesses in their food safety challenges over the last few weeks. All of them were done over the phone or email. If your issues can be answered this way, it can give you several benefits. Cost is the obvious one having not to pay us for travelling expenses etc but also your time on-site with our consultant.

You simply send us the relevant paperwork and manuals. Our consultant will discuss issues with you over the phone and a clear plan will be agreed with you. We then work on the paperwork or manuals, provide new templates if needed and keep in contact with you until the agreed work is completed. Easy really and it has worked well for a number of clients recently.

One example, a meat company, based in Yorkshire was rapidly approaching their BRC Audit but needed an expert to ensure their paperwork was following the latest version of BRC Food. Our client emailed to us all the relevant paperwork and our consultant went through it ensuring the key sections reflected the new version 8.  All of this was done by email and telephone conversations. All paperwork was structured to follow version 8. Our client went on to pass their BRC audit with a grade AA.

Another example, a soft drinks manufacturer who had already purchased an ‘off the shelf’ Quality manual required assistance in adapting and implementing this to their own procedures to achieve the SALSA Accreditation. Again, this was all completed via email and telephone calls and the client achieved their SALSA Certification within 2 months.

Remote Food Safety Support

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