Food Safety Highlights 2019

Food Safety Highlights

Its been an eventful year in food safety. We have had Brexit then not, then yes and now. how this will affect our food chain and food safety? We can guess but the devil is in the detail as always.

The new version 8 of BRCGS Food and the embracing of a food safety culture is a positive step in the right direction. Food safety culture development and maintenance is the best insurance policy a food business can have. It helps minimise risk and helps maintain and attract customers. A food business can prove it follows the highest food standards.

There has been the first World Food Safety Day. A wonderful positive marker for food safety across the globe.

Above all, doing food safety routines day in and day out, helps food businesses keep their resilience to survive changing in the marketplace i.e Brexit and brand protection in a 24 hour social media world.

At Food Safety Assist, we see daily the positive impact a well run food safety system has on our clients and their business structures.