Food Safety and British Food Fortnight

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After working with lots of different types of food and drink manufacturers and producers over the years. great tasting food is one thing, but how much does Food Safety contribute to it being great?

Governments and other organisations are looking more seriously at Food Safety Awareness. For example, we have seen the first ever World Food Safety Day and the new National Food Strategy organisation headed by Henry Dimbleday.

One certain factor is that Food cannot be great without effective and managed systems in place.

It is true that everyone in food production has a part to play. However, they can only play that part with the correct policies and procedures in place. Food safety has to keep up with food evolving. Such as, the Vegan or plant based trend. It is an integral part of making British food ‘great.’ For instance. It can be harnessed by businesses to improve prospects, protect their brand. In addition to proving to consumers that they follow the highest standards.

Food companies have to prove their products are ‘great’ and certification cannot be devalued in the part it plays in the process.

British Food Fortnight continues until 6th October ’19

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