Food Safety Review…New Year New Food Safety

New Year New Food Safety

Are things calmer for you after the Christmas rush?

New Year New Food Safety? Food safety is a challenge when you are in the middle of a production rush. Therefore, is now the perfect time to catch up with your food safety procedures?

Is January 2020, the time to reflect on how your systems performed in 2019?

Do you have any food safety performance indicators?

Go back over paperwork, in addition to holding a team meeting to discuss issues. Also, a fresh pair of eyes could help to provide an independent assessment.

For instance, a Food Safety Consultant can review all food safety systems that are currently in place and put together a report using our IAuditor electronic system. Using this digital report you can clearly see any failures and issues in current systems.

In particular, a HACCP plan highlights what critical changes need to occur to ensure your brand continues to be protected.

Food safety culture is a continuous and evolving system.As a result, Systems need to be regularly reviewed.

There are many challenges facing the food industry this year. Make sure food safety processes play their part in business resilience.

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