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Is Food Safety Support for me?

Food safety support helps to ensure you don’t have to overstretch current staff. In addition to falling short on your standards or legal requirements.

As a result of a company changing, support is often needed to ensure systems are managed, kept up to date and don’t reach breaking point.

We provide a range of support to businesses such as:-

  • Changes in Management
  • New Business
  • Product Launches
  • Expansions
  • Mentoring companies between SALSA/BRC audits.
  • Staff Training and Development

How we can help

Our experienced technical management team can provide a full food safety support service. Furthermore, keeping you on top of current demands, responsive to future ones and free to grow without over-commitment.

Thereby, depending on a company’s size and situation we offer the following assistance.

  • Ongoing food safety support between e.g. SALSA/BRC audits. In addition to, Conducting internal audits, Haccp and management reviews and management training
  • Monthly review visits
  • Coaching of managers about their food safety management responsibilities
  • New product development launches including specification development and artwork checks
  • Supplier audits
  • Health and Safety reviews and risk assessments
  • Training of staff in L 1-3 food safety and Haccp.
  • Group staff training sessions in specific food safety controls relevant to their business
  • Management Selection and interviews
  • Interim Management for example, maternity cover

To summarize, food safety mentoring’s real benefit comes in its cost effectiveness. Particularly , in the level of expertise received.

In Conclusion, we can ensure absolute compliance with quality, legal and safety requirements. No matter what your industry position or focus.

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