Food Safety Mentoring, Internal Audits & In-House Training

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Food Safety Mentoring, Internal Audits & In-House Training

Afropol required assistance maintaining their food safety systems to SALSA standard, as well as training staff in areas relevant to them.

Name: Afropol Fine Foods

Location: London

Sector: Packing and wholesale of dried fruit, nuts etc

Project Aim: Ongoing support to aid the company in maintaining their SALSA accreditation and their food safety systems

Services Used: Food Safety Mentoring including internal audits to SALSA standard and in-house training


How we helped: Afropol decided to have Brian come in and help with the ongoing improvement of the food safety management systems with 3 visits per year to conduct internal audits against the SALSA standard. With the standard being continuously updated and the food industry demands changing regularly it is important to review the systems in place and make alterations when necessary to maintain a high standard. Food Safety Assist provide ongoing in-house training on many different levels to aid in keeping all staff up-to-date and working efficiently. All staff take part in staff training on hygiene and food safety topics relevant to the food industry they are working in. Specific topic training like personal hygiene, allergen awareness, the importance of paperwork and product recalls etc. We also provided level 2 and 3 food safety training along with Haccp training, which helped the production manager understand the systems in place more efficiently and allowed him more knowledge in team management.


Results: Afropol have maintained their high standard of SALSA accreditation which places re-assurance with their customers new and old. Internal audits conducted show any areas for improvement, which were actioned immediately. The Production Manager’s experience and knowledge has developed allowing him to manage the team more effectively and provide helpful feedback on the working of the food safety systems. The team of staff also have a better understanding as to the reason behind the rules that are in place, which then aids in the rules being followed efficiently and correctly.

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