Getting Food Safety and Corona Virus Right…

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Every food business and their food safety procedures and culture are different. Therefore, any new challenges because of Corona virus have to make sense to you and your food safety systems. For Instance, they have to work in your environment.

Thus seeking guidance from a food safety consultant is a must to ensure everything relevant to Corona virus is correct and relevant. The corona virus will be around for a long while and its impact on how we all work. It is the new normal.

Our food safety consultants are working with food businesses using Microsoft teams for video conferencing. Changing documents in real time and conducting virtual internal audits. Carrying out a Gap analysis of current food safety systems is also possible.

Clients also have access to shared food safety documents and manuals from our computer network.

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 Food Safety and corona virus

Changes to, HACCP, raw material risk assessment and pre-requisites are all challenging parts of food safety. By seeking guidance, resources are able to focus on other issues.

We are here to help. Food safety challenges will change as corona virus and impact goes on.

For more information or a free initial business assessment to see how we can virtually help you please contact us on 01434611568 or