HACCP in Food Safety…What is all the fuss about

HACCP in Food Safety

In the UK, every food business must legally have a HACCP plan in place. The process is to register as a new food business with the local Environmental Health Officer and then plan and implement a HACCP.

To grow a food business you must be able to prove that the food you make or serve is both safe and legal to customers and consumers. HACCP is the first step to ensure this.

Most importantly for any food business to know is that a HACCP flow process chart can be difficult to map out and implement in the workplace.

Above all, the most difficult part is the raw material risk assessment. Having an expert in food safety to guide you through this is essential, especially if you are producing a high risk product. Examples of high risk goods include meat, dairy, fish etc.

Even if you already have an established food safety system or culture in place, you may need help to review and evaluate your current HACCP.

A fresh pair of eyes can look at how you do things and evaluate how effective your risk controls are. Our food safety consultants have experience in how to make your HACCP really work for your unique business.

Is it time to review and fully evaluate your HACCP?

HACCP in food safety

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