Home Delivery in Food Safety

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Many wholesalers are re-purposing their business to Home Delivery operations due to the COVID 19 situation.

Below are some of the points you will need to consider if you have made such a change.


  • Have you adequately reviewed the risks in changing your business operation?
  • Have you completed a review of your current Haccp and hence systems?

Product Changes

  • Have you had to source new suppliers? If so, what accreditation and controls do they have in place?
  • also, are their ingredients different?
  • Do you need to review your site and label controls for allergens?
  • If you have started to use different products e.g. Meat, do you have the correct approval from your local council?

Order Taking

  • Are staff taking orders clear about how to process requests for allergen information?
  • Together with, having clear instructions in place about how handle these enquiries.

You must provide clear allergen advice when taking an order either orally or written e.g. online.

Staff Changes

  • Have you reduced your numbers of staff and shared out more responsibilities?
  • Does this have an impact on how safely your products are manufactured?
  • Or have you taken on new staff? What is their knowledge in Food Safety?

New Processes

  • Due to social distancing enforcement, can you still manufacture/pack your products the same way?
  • What restrictions and limitations have you had to put into place?
  • Does this impact Controls for your Food Safety?

Customer payments

  • Avoid cash payments.
  • Ideally all payments must be paid before delivery to avoid the risk of breaking the distancing rules.

Home Delivery Services

  • How are you managing temperature control, cross contamination risks during deliveries?  
  • Are items sealed?
  • Are you using insulated boxes/gel packs?  

Delivery staff Safety.

  • Instruct delivery staff to avoid all contact with customers during deliveries and not to enter their homes.
  • Vans must be supplied with sufficient disposable gloves for each delivery, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes for the cab.

In Summary, having your Food Safety Systems and HACCP kept up to date is key to ensuring the products you manufacture are safe!

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