BRC Accreditation Food Safety? Times have now changed…..

If you’re looking for BRC Accreditation Food Safety times have now changed……

Now is the time to act.

Issue 8 of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety came out last month. First Audits will be conducted against this from 1st February 2019.  There are many changes for you to take on board. Including, the increased number of sections to 9 instead of 7.

The most significant change is the introduction of a Food Safety and Quality Culture as a compulsory requirement.

Other significant changes to sections include:                                                  brc accreditation

Supplier approval and monitoring

Food Defence

Environmental monitoring

Now is the time to put these changes in place, ready for the first audits.

It might be right for your business to consider getting some outside help from us. As an example, We have recently assisted Little Town Diary and Poveys Oatcakes achieve a Grade A at their BRC Audit.

What is BRC Accreditation Food Safety?

BRC Global Standards (BRCGS) is a leading safety and quality certification programme achieved by passing a BRC audit.  The standards are now applied to over 28,000 certificated sites in more than 130 countries. Supported by a robust and expanding compliance team. BRC Global Standards has been at the forefront of standards development for more than two decades. Furthermore, It offers the most comprehensive and rigorous approach to standards delivery. Toegther with, underpinning trust and confidence throughout the supply chain.

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