Food Defence.. How do you protect your brand?

The new BRC and Salsa accreditation standards have updates or new section concerning Food Security and Food Defence. This is an interesting article that clearly illustrates the big impact that malicious damage to food can cause to an industry.

Food Defence

Food Security is an important feature of food safety standards. The BRC Global Food standard version 8 contains an updated and more detailed section 4.2 Site Security and Food Defence, whilst, it is a new requirement of version 5 of the new Salsa accreditation standard. Both standards aim to address the potential for malicious contamination either onsite or within the supply chain. BRC requires more detailed risk assessments and staff training.

It is important for your company and brand protection that your company’s systems and risk assessments are up to date when you are audited against either the Salsa or BRC accreditation.

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