Exceptional Handmade Puddings Scoop Up 2 Awards….

Salted Caramel to Roasted Hazelnut, these exquisite puddings in reusable ceramic pots are the hard work of Pots & co. And this hard work has really paid off for this company, having recently been awarded with ‘Best Dessert Award’ and ‘Best New Pud Award’ at The Product Excellence Awards in London at the beginning of… More >>>

More retailers doing Unannounced Audits

Asda and Tesco have revealed that they are carrying out unannounced food hygiene audits.After the horsemeat scandal in 2013, these types of audits will be seen as the norm to aid against potential food fraud and/or other bad food safety practices.Tesco at present are running 50% of their audits unannounced. Paul Willgoss, Head of Food… More >>>

Meal Maker Ltd Pass Their First Ever SALSA Audit

Meal Maker Ltd has become recognised as a kite mark for quality, supplying prepared fruit and vegetables throughout the UK. They have been operating since the 1990s, and have gone from strength to strength, but this month saw them take on a new challenge in the form of their first ever SALSA audit. “I had very little experience going… More >>>

M&S Reveal Plan for Unannounced Supplier Audits

M&S Simply Food

Starting this year, retailer Marks & Spencer will begin to conduct unannounced audits on its suppliers in a bid to strengthen its supply chain against potential food fraud. M&S is not the first retailer to take this approach and, in the wake of recent food scandals, it seems unlikely they will be the last.

Sussex Brewery Hand-Picked to Pilot New Quality Standard

Langham Ales

[Image] Langham Brewery, working alongside Food Safety Assist, were hand-picked by SALSA to trial the new standard prior to its launch. In the early 2000s there were around 500 breweries operating in the UK, that figure has now risen to over 1400 according to the British Beer and Pub Association. The new SALSA plus Beer module has… More >>>

Ice Kitchen pass their SALSA audit with flying colours

Cesar at Ice Kicthen

Working alongside Food Safety Assist thriving food company Ice Kitchen have passed their first ever SALSA audit without a single non-conformance. The London based company produce Ice Lollies for the discerning grown up, including flavours based on classic cocktails. They’ve been gaining lots of well earned press attention recently, including a feature on the BBC… More >>>

BRC and SALSA new issues to be released end of June

Both BRC and SALSA have announced recently that they are to introduce new issues of their food safety standards coming into effect at the end of June. This could mean changes to systems in place if you’re already accredited. The main changes in BRC version 7 centre around food fraud and authenticity, following on from the horsemeat scandal. And in SALSA… More >>>

Eskimo Ice Ltd get top marks in their BRC audit with A grade

Eskimo ice vans

Opening their new production site in Gatwick a short number of years ago, Eskimo Ice Ltd decided that BRC would be a fundamental building block in growing their business successfully. With the help of Food Safety Assist, they implemented the BRC system, winning business from big clients such as Morrisons and Asda and allowing them to… More >>>