Download our Free Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Why is an equipment maintenance schedule important? Poorly maintained equipment, machinery and tools and lubricants can result in contamination of your food. It can also lead to expensive breakdowns. Poorly managed maintenance work can also lead to problems. Prevent these issues by organising your maintenance into a planned schedule of what is to do done… More >>>

Free cleaning schedule

Help keep our food safe & legal by following strict and monitored cleaning procedures. Download our Free Cleaning schedule template here… Download Cleaning Schedule

Hand Washing Keeps Our Food Safe…

Hand washing Keeps Our Food Safe   The role of our hands in transferring pathogens to high risk food, especially from food-handlers, should not be underestimated. Food handlers are often implicated in outbreaks of staph aureus, shigella, hepatitis etc. Viruses, bacteria, yeast, mould and parasites are all found on the outer layer of our skin…. More >>>

Personal Hygiene Policy Tips

High standards of personal hygiene are essential to reduce the risk of foodborne illness and prerequisite to the implementation of HACCP. The risks associated with food handlers contaminating high risk foods with low dose organisms such as norovirus, hepatitis etc. should never be underestimated. It must not be assumed that good personal hygiene is common… More >>>

What is contamination of food?

Contamination of food is the transference of any objectionable, harmful substance or material to food. There are four types of contamination   Microbiological Contamination Caused by bacteria, toxins, moulds, viruses (micro-organisms) or parasites. Control methods include- High standards of personal hygiene e.g thorough & regular handwashing On-going staff training, knowledge and enforcement of policies &… More >>>

Product Recalls

BRC accreditation

Since the New Year there have been a total of 7 product recalls due to food safety. with the majority (5) of them being down to labelling errors on allergens. Recalls can be a costly procedure for any business, damaging financially and reputation, and can be avoidable. Don’t fall into the same predicament. Consider whether a refresher training on… More >>>

BRC and Salsa Accreditation is not out of reach…

Are you looking at getting assistance with your food safety system? Wanting to move towards accreditation but don’t want to go it alone? Restricted by cash flow, would project funding help?   The Manufacturing Growth Programme may be the answer your looking for. Improvement grants are now available to help fund consultation services like ours,… More >>>