Guidance for Food Business – Covid-19

The Food Standards Agency have issued guidance for food business on Covid-19. Their article contains the following information:- What you need to know about Covid-19 and Food. Food Hygiene Guidance. Managing Employee Sickness. Maintaining Social Distancing in Specific Food Business Settings. Such as:- Food Processing Plants Supermarkets Staff Canteens and Rest Areas Takeaways Outdoor Markets… More >>>

Food Safety Audits during Covid-19

Food Business ad Covid-19 Important

We have sourced the following information and guidance from SALSA and BRCGS with regards to Food Safety Audits in the upcoming months during these difficult times. All SALSA audits are suspended until 30th April 2020, If you have an audit due before this date you will need to email SALSA at for advise going… More >>>

Covid -19 Updates

During this difficult period, we would like to reassure our clients that whilst we are still open for business following the advice of the Government and Public Health England and putting the safety and well-being of our employees and valued customers first. We have a team of associates who can offer our Remote Support Service… More >>>

Setting goals in Food Safety…

success and failure signpost

Food safety systems perform well as a consequence of setting clear SMART goals. As, food safety is not common sense, it must follow policies and procedures in all areas of food hygiene. Preparing for compliance in a food safety standard, such as, BRC Food can help this process. BRC requires the setting of goals across… More >>>

Customer Audit… Are you ready?

Customer Audit

To pass a customer audit is an ordeal for many food businesses, especially smaller manufacturers. They are pushing hard to maintain and attract customers for business growth. Food safety compliance is so important for a business contract, therefore, the pressure is on. One of our clients, The Old Curiosity Distillery, based in Edinburgh has just… More >>>

HACCP in Food Safety…What is all the fuss about

Food Safety & Corona Virus

In the UK, every food business must legally have a HACCP plan in place. The process is to register as a new food business with the local Environmental Health Officer and then plan and implement a HACCP. To grow a food business you must be able to prove that the food you make or serve… More >>>

Health and Safety in the Workplace Service…

Health & Safety in the workplace is closely related to Food Safety because it involves the assessment of risk. It then puts controls in place so risks can be minimised. At Food Safety Assist, our Consultant Rob Worsley, holds a NEBOSH Diploma. This means he is qualified to assess risks and help our clients to… More >>>

SALSA Go! Get ready for Accreditation

A food safety standard can be daunting to prepare for and pass. Therefore, Salsa certification body has introduced this scheme to help smaller food companies prepare for accreditation in a structured way. To Summarize, this membership helps businesses with these supported steps: Welcome and Induction to the whole scheme. Self- Assessment Questionnaire, review and phone… More >>>

Food Safety Success starts off 2020…

Passing a food safety standard is a big deal to food businesses. Start off 2020 with food safety success… Here at Food Safety Assist, we strive on guiding food businesses to successful food safety certification, therefore, what does it take to get a food safety accreditation? Above all, investment in time, money and staff resources… More >>>

One Food Safety Consultant can transform your business…

Food Safety consultants can make a big difference to your food business. Many people think food safety is common sense. Especially when they think about safety in their home and kitchen. However, producing and manufacturing food products must follow legal guidelines i.e HACCP development. This involves, policies and procedures which must be implemented, maintained and… More >>>