Accreditation changes in 20 Years

Food Safety Assist is 20 in 2020!! Therfore, we are giving a 20% discount on all online training purchases in January 2020. Get in touch to find out more Accreditation 20 years ago, food standard certifications were only beginning to be introduced, together with BRCGS Food Standard V1 only being around a couple of years…. More >>>

Food Safety Review…New Year New Food Safety

Are things calmer for you after the Christmas rush? New Year New Food Safety? Food safety is a challenge when you are in the middle of a production rush. Therefore, is now the perfect time to catch up with your food safety procedures? Is January 2020, the time to reflect on how your systems performed… More >>>

Food Safety Highlights 2019

Its been an eventful year in food safety. We have had Brexit then not, then yes and now. how this will affect our food chain and food safety? We can guess but the devil is in the detail as always. The new version 8 of BRCGS Food and the embracing of a food safety culture… More >>>

Christmas and New Year

During Christmas and New Year our opening times will be as follows Monday 23rd December 2019 9am-5pm Tuesday 24th December 2019 CLOSED Wednesday 25th December 2019 CLOSED Thursday 26th December 2019 CLOSED Friday 27th December 2019 CLOSED Monday 30th December 2019 CLOSED Tuesday 31st December CLOSED Wednesday 1st January 2020 CLOSED Thursday 2nd January 10am… More >>>

Food Fraud and Food Safety

Food Fraud and Food Safety

What are the key challenges in food safety in the coming new year? Food fraud is not widely reported on in the media. However, when it does happen it is a major event. Remember the horse meat scandal of 2013? For example. Substitution of goods like coffee, olive oil, fish, spices, tea etc are prone… More >>>

Continuous Food Safety Culture…

Avoid Food Safety Mistakes At this time of year, for many food businesses, it can be the season of product recalls and allergen alerts. Maintaining a food safety culture is difficult. The Food Standards Agency website in the last few weeks seems to have a higher number of product recalls and allergen alerts. I have… More >>>

Food Safety Audit Success…

Food safety audit success is a challenge to many food businesses but so important for many reasons e.g. retaining business. Over the last few months, several of our clients have passed either a SALSA food or BRC accreditation. In October, one of our clients passed an announced BRC food audit achieving a grade A. In… More >>>

Avoid a Food Safety Christmas crisis

Continuous Food Safety Culture… Food Safety cannot stop for Christmas! Therefore our Food Safety Consultants work with food businesses throughout the year guiding and advising on how food safety systems protect consumers also importantly how food safety processes protect their business and reputation if something goes wrong. At this time of year when most food… More >>>

Food Standard Offences result in a substantial fine

food standard fine stamp

The food company at the center of a Hummus salmonella scare received a substantial fine less than a month ago, for food standard offences! In February 2018, a consumer suffered a potentially fatal allergic reaction after eating an egg free dip which contained egg. As a result of investigations. It was found that the company… More >>>

Annual Audits Congratulations

annual audits congratulations

Looking back over October, three clients passed their annual audits with flying colours. Including an unannounced BRCGS Version 8!! Also, a BRCGS Storage and Distribution and a SALSA Beer certification. Well Done to all three. It is good for us at Food Safety Assist to get some good feedback from these clients including: “I was… More >>>