Achieving Grade A in BRC Accreditation with Food Safety Assist

Achieving Grade A in BRC Accreditation Congratulations to Povey’s Oatcakes and Little Town Diary, who both recently passed their BRC Audits with flying colours. Povey’s achievement was extra special. The audit was unannounced!!! One staff member with help from Brian Humphreys, our lead Food Safety Consultant, manages all systems. A blog is coming shortly, sharing… More >>>

Looking for BRC Accreditation? Times have now changed…..

brc accreditation

If you’re looking for BRC Accreditation times have now changed…… Now is the time to act. Issue 8 of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety came out last month. First Audits will be conducted against this from 1st February 2019.  There are many changes for you to take on board, including the increased number… More >>>

NEW BRC Accreditation coming into effect…

brc accreditation

NEW BRC accreditation standard for the food industry  Not to quote Bob Dylan, but times are a changin…..with the world continuously evolving standards need to be kept up to date and relevant. New methods are continuously brought in, new issues arise, therefore BRC have put a group of experts together to update the BRC accreditation… More >>>

New SALSA Issue 5 released….

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New standard has now been released for SALSA accreditation As of the 22nd June 2018, SALSA (Safe And Local Supplier Approval) have released a new version of their accreditation requirements. The new issue contains a number of changes which are intended to enhance the existing Standard and reflect current industry best practice. Thus helping food manufacturers systems… More >>>

How to deal with unannounced audits effectively…

unannounced audit

Dealing with unannounced audits effectively… One thing is for sure regarding these types of audits- they are on the increase not just from your supermarket customers but from BRC too. The obvious reaction from food producers is that the audits are there to catch them out, spin that on its head for a positive outlook… More >>>

Finding the Right Food Safety Consultant

What to look for when selecting a Food Safety Consultant… Taking on and developing a food safety system is a big task for any food business. More often than not it falls on the shoulders of one individual member of staff. Whether they have some qualifications or experience in food safety or more often no… More >>>

What is all the fuss about SALSA & BRC Accreditation?

Food Safety

BRC and SALSA Food Standards Secures and Maintains Customers… So what is all the fuss about food safety accreditation? Think it could be for you but not sure? Well we decided it was about time someone summarized some of the accreditation that is out there, how it could help and who it’s designed for. Nobody… More >>>

Food Safety Support

Need technical management support without having a permanent technical manager? Require ongoing support to maintain systems and staff are up to date? Need support due to changes in products, processes, customers, suppliers or staff? Is Food Safety Support for me?   Ongoing food safety support helps to ensure you don’t have to overstretch current staff… More >>>

BRC Accreditation

  Do your customers want you to pass a BRC audit before they will trade with you? Has your company grown too big for the SALSA standard? Are you expanding rapidly and struggling to maintain your systems?     BRC (British Retail Consortium)   BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification programme… More >>>

SALSA Accreditation

  Looking to get your products into large supermarkets? Been asked by your customers to become accredited? Want to improve your food safety system?    SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval)   Boost your business and provide customers with the guarantee of good quality through SALSA accreditation.   As your business grows your larger customers… More >>>