Can you afford to cut health & safety corners?

When anyone mentions the words ‘Health & Safety’, as a general rule you automatically think of bend at the knees when lifting heavy items, not doing obvious things such as balancing on the back of chair to change a light bulb. But there is so much more to it and cutting corners, whether intentionally or… More >>>

Recall due to control over Clostridium Botulinum

Macsween of Edinburgh Ltd have recalled a list of their products due to inadequate procedures in place to control the bacteria, Clostridium Botulinum. This also includes products that are manufactured for Lidl and Marks & Spencer. See below for a list of products Macsween of Edinburgh Ltd have recalled. Do you need help making sure… More >>>

Clif Bar product recalled over allergens…

Latest product recall….. Clif Bar are recalling their Builders Chocolate Mint Protein Bar as the label is incorrect with regards to allergens. The Builders Chocolate Mint Protein Bar may contain peanuts and nuts which are not mentioned on the label. Also Barley, Rye, Wheat and Milk are not correctly declared. This means it’s a possible… More >>>

Listeria in Sainsbury’s products…

Sainsbury’s are recalling a long list of products as Listeria Monocytogenes has been found in some the products. Symptoms caused by this organism can be similar to flu and include high temperature, muscle ache/pain, feeling or being sick and diarrhoea. In some cases the infection can lead to more severe problems. A full list of… More >>>

Unapproved site causes recall…

Using an unapproved site has cost Geeta’s Foods Ltd. Geeta’s Food Ltd have recalled two of their sauce kits containing milk powder which was from an unapproved premise. Makhani Butter Chicken Sauce Kit and Royal Korma Sauce Kit. Is your supplier approval system up to date? Contact us today Product details Product: Makhani Butter Chicken… More >>>

Have you a handle on your temperatures this summer?

The sun is starting to come out, the temperatures are starting to heat up, summer is finally here!! But how does this affect your equipment? Are they having to work harder to keep to the right temperatures? Is your cooked food cooling quick enough?   Let me introduce our best selling thermometer, which will help monitor… More >>>

Top tip: expiry date

Do you know which phrase you should legally be using on your packaging? Use By or Best Before?   Use by: This is for products that are not safe for the consumer after date shown due to microbiological spoilage. Such as sliced meat, pate, soft cheeses etc Best Before: This is an advisory, that the… More >>>