New SALSA Issue 5 released….

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New SALSA standard has now been released As of the 22nd June 2018, SALSA (Safe And Local Supplier Approval) have released a new version of their accreditation requirements. The new issue contains a number of changes which are intended to enhance the existing SALSA Standard and reflect current industry best practice. Thus helping food manufacturers systems… More >>>

How to deal with unannounced audits effectively…

unannounced audit

Dealing with unannounced audits effectively… One thing is for sure regarding these types of audits- they are on the increase not just from your supermarket customers but from BRC too. The obvious reaction from food producers is that the audits are there to catch them out, spin that on its head for a positive outlook… More >>>

Food Safety Consultant.. How to find the right one..

What to look for when selecting a Food Safety Consultant… Taking on and developing a food safety system is a big task for any food business. More often than not it falls on the shoulders of one individual member of staff. Whether they have some qualifications or experience in food safety or more often, no… More >>>

What is all the fuss about SALSA & BRC Accreditation?

Food Safety

BRC and SALSA Food Certification Attracts and Maintains Customers… So why have a Food Safety Accreditation? What is all the fuss?? As a food business one of the best ways to meet your legal obligations and safeguard your brand is to prepare for and pass a food safety standard. This will give proof that you… More >>>

Food Safety Support

Is Food Safety Support for me? Food safety support helps to ensure you don’t have to overstretch current staff. In addition to falling short on your standards or legal requirements. As a result of a company changing, support is often needed to ensure systems are managed, kept up to date and don’t reach breaking point…. More >>>

BRC Accreditation

  Do your customers want you to pass a BRC audit before they will trade with you? Has your company grown too big for the SALSA standard? Are you expanding rapidly and struggling to maintain your systems?     BRC (British Retail Consortium)   BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification programme… More >>>

SALSA Accreditation

  Looking to get your products into large supermarkets? Been asked by your customers to become accredited? Want to improve your food safety system?    SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval)   Boost your business and provide customers with the guarantee of good quality through SALSA accreditation.   As your business grows your larger customers… More >>>

HACCP Systems

HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Did you know that identifying the risks of your process is a legal requirement for all food business?  Efficiently using the 7 principles of HACCP will help meet this. HACCP system is a must, whether you are a small manufacture making products at home. Selling on local market…. More >>>

Food Safety Consultants

Need Food Safety Consultants support without having a permanent technical manager? Require ongoing support to maintain systems and staff are up to date? Need support due to changes in products, processes, customers, suppliers or staff? Is this for me? Working with you as Food Safety Consultants, we are able to provide ongoing food safety support helps… More >>>

The Real Cost of Food Safety?

  Are you aware of how much food safety affects your overall business performance? Do you know the real cost of food safety By not having good food safety system in place costs to your business could include: Expensive product recall – Bakkavor recently lost £93,000 worth of garlic bread due to being underweight. Failing un-announced… More >>>