One Food Safety Consultant can transform your business…

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Food Safety consultants can make a big difference to your food business.

Many people think food safety is common sense. Especially when they think about safety in their home and kitchen.

However, producing and manufacturing food products must follow legal guidelines i.e HACCP development. This involves, policies and procedures which must be implemented, maintained and under constant review.

Food business customers and consumers want to be certain that they can trust your product’s safety. Food supply chains are more complex and the risks are great.

Therefore, working with a food safety consultant can help you with implementing and maintaining safety systems that work in your unique business.

If you know and trust your systems then it will follow that your customers and consumers will trust the products you are producing.

Working with one food safety consultant, putting a food safety culture in place, will let you prove to customers and consumers that you are following the highest food standards e.g. Salsafood or BRCGS Certification.


Food Safety Assist helped us achieve BRC in just 4 months and we continue to grow going forward.

My knowledge of food safety systems has grown tremendously and i’m very grateful to have Brian and the team on board with my company and future.

Alex Povey Poveys Oatcakes

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