Product Recalls

Since the New Year there have been a total of 7 product recalls due to food safety. with the majority (5) of them being down to labelling errors on allergens.

Recalls can be a costly procedure for any business, damaging financially and reputation, and can be avoidable.

Don’t fall into the same predicament. Consider whether a refresher training on allergens would be a sensible move or have you documents in place for label checking? Either way we can help you put the right controls in place to prevent a mishap happening.


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Full recall list:

Allergy alert – 15 January 2019:
Cook Trading Ltd recalls a batch of Cook Sticky Soy & Ginger Beef pots because of undeclared allergens

Food alert – 9 January 2019:
Yorkshire Provender recalls Moroccan Vegetable Tagine Soup because of incorrect date labelling
Allergy alert – 7 January 2019:
Belfield recalls Ice King Strawberry Cones because of undeclared peanuts

Allergy alert – 4 January 2019:
Lidl recalls McEnnedy Supersize Peanut Flips and Sondey Organic Biscuits Assorted because of undeclared allergens

Allergy alert – 4 January 2019:
Sogud Ltd recalls various gluten-free flapjack products as they contain undeclared gluten

Allergy alert – 2 January 2019:
Waitrose recalls Chinese 6 Vegetable Spring Rolls because of undeclared sesame

Full listings, details and actions to take can be seen Here