What is HACCP  and Why is it important? 


HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a Food Safety Management System that identifies, evaluates and controls food safety hazards.  This is stated in Article 5 of Regulations (EC) 852/2004


HACCP is at the centre of a productive and systematic food safety culture. Identifying and controlling food risks to avoid contamination, such as microbiological, chemical, physical and allergenic.

Every food business in the UK must have an effective HACCP plan and Safety System in place. As a rule, this helps them prove to customers and consumers that their products are safe and legal to eat. 


How we can help your business achieve a productive HACCP plan

Carrying out a Gap Analysis of current systems versus your legal obligations

Design, development and review of your management  team.

Expert interpretation of the law

Project management ensures meeting deadlines

Full staff training from shop floor to boardroom

Assistance in developing templates, paperwork and manuals

Organisation of a full audit of company and supply chain

Remedial actions to meet any non-compliance

Long term support through quality reviews with your HACCP team

 This can be achieved either on-site or as part of our Remote Food Safety Support service 


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