In- House Training

Do you feel your staff would learn more in a classroom based environment, where they can ask questions?

Would you prefer your staff to have a tailored course specific to the product you produce?

Is training more than just a certificate to you?

In- House Training


We offer Food Safety Training as well as Health & Safety Training

Training is an essential part of keeping your food safety standards up to scratch. Ensuring your staff are sufficiently trained means they will be better equipped to work alongside your food safety culture, and have the knowledge and expertise to handle food safely, or supervise those who do.

How we can help


Our experienced and qualified trainers are available to run courses across the range and at affordable prices. Each course can be tailored specifically to your requirements and to work around the products you actually produce as a business. The main courses we currently offer include:

  • Level 1 – 3 Food Safety
  • Level 2-3 HACCP
  • Health & Safety

We can also provide 1-2 hour sessions covering the pre-requisites that are the foundations of your food safety system. Examples of courses we can provide:

  • Cleaning and the importance
  • Hand washing/ Personal hygiene
  • Allergens

If the topic that you need covering is not listed above please get in touch with us – contact us