Shock Food Safety Statistics revealed…just before Xmas rush

xmas shopppingIs it just a coincidence or are companies starting to panic? New unannounced audits are looming just ahead of the busiest time of year for many food companies.

Statistics from the FSA are shocking; 59 recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts so far in 2015 compared to a total of 29 throughout 2014. In the last few weeks there has been a marked rise in product recalls from contaminated Asda Buttery Spread to Cow & Gate recalling certain baby food due to foreign bodies found inside.
Looking at this pattern, it could only get worse as the Xmas rush gets underway. Click through to see our service’s, as having the backing of an experienced food safety mentor could mean the difference between a happy new year and a year of disappointment.  With such high demands placed on your business at this time of year using a mentor could be an early Christmas gift to your business.