Sussex Brewery Hand-Picked to Pilot New Quality Standard

Langham Ales

[Image] Langham Brewery, working alongside Food Safety Assist, were hand-picked by SALSA to trial the new standard prior to its launch. In the early 2000s there were around 500 breweries operating in the UK, that figure has now risen to over 1400 according to the British Beer and Pub Association. The new SALSA plus Beer module has… More >>>

Lesley Folkes, Partner, Langham Brewery

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Gaining the SALSA accreditation can be a complex and lengthy process, but with the help of Brian, our experience was made much easier.

Shepherd Neame fined £11,000 for safety failings

Shepherd Neame Brewery

Agency worker Billy Scanlan, 21, from Sheerness, had entered a fenced-off section housing a running production machine, and was hosing down the area when he slipped. His hand came into contact with moving parts of the machine, his index finger was severed and his thumb and middle finger crushed. An investigation by the HSE found… More >>>

How SALSA helped langham brewery grow

Langham Brewery

Since gaining their SALSA accreditation, with the help of Food Safety Assist, business has grown apace at Langham Brewery. Langham Brewery will continue to work and develop their systems, alongside Brian, to ensure that they always remain at the top of their game, winning contracts with retailers and maintaining that all important confidence in their product. Gaining the… More >>>