How are your food safety systems coping with hot weather?

Summer is at its peak and the weather is warm, humid and damp. Food production and its safety can struggle at this time of year. For future planning, take some time to reflect on how your food safety systems deal with a higher temperature.

Stop Think Act notice

Just a few pointers to get you thinking:

Staff cross-training

At different times of the year, like the school Summer holidays, staffing can become stretched and this is when mistakes can be made more easily and frequently. To help plan for the next time, cross train some of your staff in HACCP for example so a gap can be potentially covered when needed. Online training programmes are the cheapest and easiest way of managing this. We offer various e-learning food safety training packages find out more

Pest Control

Its Summer and flys are normally the biggest pest to control in food production. Do you have effective controls in place to reduce risk? Is your current pest control company keeping on top of things with regular visits? Do you monitor and supervise this issue enough to reduce contamination?

Temperature Control

Right from goods in to finished product and delivery, are systems in place to monitor temperature to maintain a consistent level throughout all processes? We had a client recently who had issues with temperature control moving their product from delivery van onto customer premises and a noted temperature difference which could have meant a product withdrawal. Calibrate and keep equipment in a good working state.

That’s just a few pointers but simple things regularly monitored and reviewed can significantly reduce issues like product recalls.

If you are not sure just how effective your food safety systems are coping at this time of year, our consultants can look over your paperwork, HACCP for example, from our office and talk to you about how you can improve what you are doing.

Happy continuing Food Safety Summer!!