What is all the fuss about SALSA & BRC Accreditation?

BRC and SALSA Food Certification Attracts and Maintains Customers…

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So why have a Food Safety Accreditation?

What is all the fuss?? As a food business one of the best ways to meet your legal obligations and safeguard your brand is to prepare for and pass a food safety standard. This will give proof that you follow the highest food safety standards. By maintaining a standard, you ensure that your product is produced in the best possible way and in a safe environment.

If your product is good,  your reputation is maintained and your brand protected.

So why go for a standard? Customers and consumers want reassurance. If you are certified by a trusted organisation then they will have more trust in you, therefore leading to more loyal customers.

So which Accreditation?

There are two main food safety standards in the UK.

SALSA Food is aimed at small and micro-sized Food & Drink businesses find out more  

The British Retail Consortium standard (BRCGS) is used by over 28,000 certified suppliers in over 130 countries. It offers a selection of standards to cover a variety of businesses, such as, Food Safety, Storage & Distribution, Packaging & Packaging Materials, Brokers & Agents and the newest standard BRCGS Food Safety Start.  find out more

Employing a Food Safety Consultant 

What is all the fuss?? Food Safety is not common sense. It is a complex process. Most food businesses need support and advice to achieve certification. A food safety consultant assists in meeting the standard’s requirements, keeps the system up to date and/or provides ongoing support with the food safety system.

A good food safety consultant will advise on which standard is best for your business and its goals. The first step is for the Consultant to provide a detailed report on where your current food safety system is compared to the standard you choose. This is the Gap Analysis. The accreditation process is based on this report. It should be a clear plan which guides you in setting up a system that will work for your business.

Do not accept an off the shelf quality manual from your mentor because that is where it will stay…

How can a Food Safety Manager help?

Working with your food safety consultant should speed up the whole audit preparation stage. To help in the preparation process, it is helpful if the whole business culture embraces the process and keeps focus on the rewards that can be gained once you have that certified logo stamp.

Equally important is the on-going assistance because maintaining and changing the food safety system is vital as the business grows and changes.  It is important to keep your consultant informed as you change and grow.

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